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Pavlo Kostyuk sees the result of Ukraine’s recovery in a sustainable and productive economy


International experts are unanimous in their opinion that private capital must be attracted to rebuild Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, commenting on the speeches of the participants of the Kyiv Security Forum.

“Much attention was paid to the discussion of the topic of confiscation of foreign assets of the aggressor country. “This is undoubtedly the basis from which the great restoration should begin, – noted Pavlo Kostyuk. Some funds will be provided by the governments of partner countries. However, it is not enough to just rebuild – in the future, Ukraine’s economy must become sustainable and productive”.

According to the Head of the URF, all leading experts agree on the need to attract investment resources.

Pavlo Kostyuk reminded that he himself has repeatedly spoken about the importance of creating a “safety cushion” for private capital as soon as possible and formulating clear rules of the game.

“It would be a mistake to repair a school, hospital, or park and say that this is the restoration. People who will study, receive treatment and have a rest there should see prospects in the form of good salaries, social guarantees, etc. Otherwise, they will simply leave,” – added the head of the URF.

He believes that such conditions can be provided by interested private capital.

“So I am glad that people who are involved in the process of reconstruction of Ukraine understand this,” – summarized Kostyuk.

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