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Pavlo Kostyuk explained the importance of structuring the reconstruction process of Ukraine


Structuring the reconstruction process of Ukraine will help speed up the establishment of ties with potential investors.

This was emphasized by the head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund Pavlo Kostyuk, commenting on the interview of Oksana Markarova, the ambassador of Ukraine to the USA, in which she named the key elements of successful reconstruction.

– Solving the security situation, proper institutional coordination, determining sources of funding and attracting investors are what all levels of government in Ukraine should work on now. Here I completely agree with the ambassador, – Pavlo Kostyuk said.

The head of the URF noted that he has repeatedly drawn attention to the role of private investments in the formation of the post-war economy of Ukraine.

– But an investor, starting to work in Ukraine, must be sure that his capital is protected both from external factors, that is, Russian missiles, and from internal ones: political instability, corruption, etc. An investor needs guarantees that can be provided by influential financial structures in the world. That is, everything should be launched and work in a complex, in a structure, – believes the head of the Fund.

When the reliability of this structure will be felt in the West, Pavlo Kostyuk added, “we will see that the interest of investors is not just beautiful talk.”

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