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Pavlo Kostyuk called on the Ukrainian parliament to immediately adopt the law on investment protection


Ukraine’s investment sustainability in the face of complex geopolitical challenges is once again becoming a topical topic of discussion. Thanks to the draft law, which is already under consideration in the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine has an excellent opportunity to implement an extremely important task – to introduce a mechanism to protect investments from military risks.

Pavlo Kostyuk, head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, considers the adoption of this law as an important strategic step for the country.

The head of the URF emphasizes that the creation of a favorable and reliable investment environment, even in conditions of military aggression, is a necessary prerequisite for the development and recovery of Ukraine.

– This initiative can become a key tool for attracting large-scale investments in various fields, such as the economy, energy, technological development and, in particular, the defense sector, – believes Pavlo Kostyuk. – And the result of the adoption of the law will be the creation of new jobs, improvement of the social situation and increase of the country’s investment attractiveness.

Such a law is very important, as it is very important to mobilize all efforts to achieve economic stability of Ukraine and ensure its future prosperity, according to the head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund.

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