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Pavlo KOSTYUK: Business people understand the benefits of investing in Ukraine, but they want guarantees


On April 13, the American Chamber of Commerce together with the US Administration held the US-Ukraine Partnership Forum. Representatives of business, the diaspora, non-governmental organizations, as well as top officials of the US and Ukrainian governments gathered in the Great Hall of the Chamber of Commerce in Washington to discuss the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

– The organizers noted that this was the first of a series of similar events. It is important for our partners, especially in the USA, to consolidate their efforts, understand the possibilities of all interested parties, and plan steps on the way to the revival of the Ukrainian economy, – Pavlo Kostyuk, the chair of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, told about the purpose of the Forum.

According to him, in their speeches, the speakers emphasized the sources of financing the new “Marshall Plan”, including public-private partnership as an important tool for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Pavlo Kostyuk

– Actually, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal is sure that private foreign investments will lay the foundation for the transformation of the Ukrainian economy and its integration into global economic processes, – Pavlo Kostiuk noted.

Gina Raimondo

For their part, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Secretary of Commerce  Gina Raimondo assured that the US is ready to support Ukraine for decades, and is betting heavily on the effectiveness of Ukraine’s recovery.

“President Biden and our team are determined,” Raimondo emphasized. Adding that the general managers of the companies also want to be close to Ukraine, but they are waiting for answers to the questions.

– To put it simply, business people understand the advantages of investing in Ukraine, but they want guarantees that their money will be used effectively and will be able to work, and not be involved in corruption schemes, – summarized Pavlo Kostyuk.

The chair of the URF is sure that the government of Ukraine understands this and will offer investors security, transparency, and favorable working conditions.

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