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Participant in the art campaign Ukraine: from war to peace, artist Petro Antyp will create the largest painting canvas in the world


Artist Petro Antyp, a participant in the art campaign Ukraine: From War to Peace by URF, will create the largest painting canvas in the world.

The Cosmogony project, in which the artist will work, was launched on November 12 at the Korsaks’ Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art in Lutsk.

The event was attended by the chair of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund Iryna Leshchynska.

Petro Antyp and Iryna Leshchynska

– I had the opportunity to see how our outstanding painter made the first brushstrokes, so to say. After all, the size of the canvas is really impressive! The project is also interesting because museum visitors can observe it in real time. I am thankful to the organizers for the opportunity to be part of the artistic process. It is very important to gain positive emotions in such a difficult time, – said the chair of the Fund.

According to the curators of the Cosmogony project, Petro Antyp will work on the painting for 18 months. Its area will be 2 thousand square meters. The canvas will be formed from approximately 300 fragments, each of which will simultaneously become an independent art object.

At the same time, Petro Antyp joined the campaign Ukraine: from war to peace. The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund launched it in July 2022. To participate in the campaign, Ukrainian artists prepared more than 35 works of patriotic themes. Among them are two paintings by Petro Antyp – Rain of Stories and Red Dawn.

On August 22, on the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine, a presentation of the campaign was held in Ivano-Frankivsk.

After that, the works of art were sent abroad. Preparations for the first foreign exhibition in New York are currently being completed.

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