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Life can not be paused while waiting for victory. The address of Iryna Leshchynska


Unfortunately, a wave of expert thoughts rolls in society again on whether Ukraine should spend costs on reconstruction before the end of the war. I am not sure about the origin of these messages but I do sure that people declaring it are detached from reality.

The reality is that every day Ukraine Reconstruction Fund’s team deals eye-to-eye with people’s grief. We receive dozens of messages from Ukrainians whose lives were affected by the war.

Families left without breadwinners, severely ill children, broken houses – everyone has their own story. However, what unites these people is that they continue to live. Life can not be paused while waiting for victory. The Armed Forces liberated thousands of villages and towns. Liberated people need somewhere to study, somewhere to be treated and simply to have a roof over their heads on the eve of winter.

Hence, I completely support our President who says it is important to place emphasis correctly. Of course, something can be restored only after the end of the war but there is enough work even now. It must be completed even with the possibilities of the threat.

Our Fund was one of the first to volunteer to help. We are installing alternative heating systems in Kremenchuk, helping with the restoration of social infrastructure in Irpen and dealing with housing projects for displaced people in Cherkasy. The number of partner cities is increasing, therefore people need us.

Together we will overcome everything!

Iryna Leshchinska,
Chair of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund

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