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Join efforts to prevent a humanitarian and social disaster


Russian troops mercilessly and demonstratively fired missiles at a Kyiv high-rise building. It joined the ranks of other destroyed residential buildings throughout Ukraine, the cost of which runs into hundreds of thousands.

For statistics, these are concrete and brick boxes, the price of which is easily calculated. But we all understand very well that the residents of these buildings have lost something much more – they have lost their home. The walls, which were hard earned for years, hoping to spend a peaceful old age there. A place that was carefully protected from troubles, filled with comfort and love, built a family and raised children in it.

All this cannot be returned for any money in the world. These are torn years of life, erased memories and trampled dreams. However, reality literally forces us to look at the problem pragmatically. Time flies: the first month of summer literally flew by. Others will not be late either. Therefore, the outlines of a possible humanitarian and social disaster in Ukraine are becoming more and more clear.

After all, people who have now lost a roof over their heads will have to survive the winter.

Currently, the victims are offered temporary shelter in the liberated territories: modular towns, train cars, etc. I am sincerely grateful to all Ukrainian institutions and organizations, as well as international friends, who do not leave people in trouble to fend for themselves.

However, I understand that this is not enough.

Yes, the end of the war is still far away. And we do not have complete information about what is happening in the occupied territories. But this is not the case when it is worth waiting for a resolution. 3.5 million people have already been left without their own homes on the threshold of cold weather. Delaying the restoration of the housing stock can be very costly for Ukraine and all those who support it.

I believe that the international community should pay more attention to this problem. And I call on all specialized international organizations to join forces in order to speed up the implementation of the concept of rebuilding the housing stock in the liberated territories.

For its part, the Charitable Foundation “Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund” offers comprehensive support and the experience of its specialists to everyone who is ready to join the process now.

Let’s act, together – to victory!

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