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Inspection of objects that are eligible for reconstruction continues in Kremenchuk and Cherkasy


Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund continues to fulfill the obligations outlined in partnership memorandums with city-partners.

Particularly, representatives of the contractor organization that cooperates with the Fund spent the last few days in Kremenchuk and Cherkasy. They carried out a technical inspection of several social facilities with the help of special equipment.

In Kremenchuk, specialists “scanned” the building of the former sanatorium, which the local authorities are considering as an option for housing internally displaced persons.

“We are dealing with a typical Soviet building, which has not had an overhaul for a long time. Internal networks are not suitable for use. Therefore, of course, significant reconstruction works will have to be carried out there, – said the chair of the Fund, Iryna Leshchynska. – An absolute advantage which was assessed by experts, is that the structure is strong enough.”

In Cherkasy, two kindergartens are proposed to be used as housing for displaced persons.

“These objects have not been used as intended for quite a long time. So, you can roughly imagine their current state. There is also a problem with communications, and the territory is cluttered. However, as in Kremenchuk, these buildings have quite strong constructions”, Iryna Leshchynska emphasised.

As we have already reported, in Kremenchuk the “Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund” is implementing, among other things, a program of installation of alternative heating – thermal boilers – in schools and kindergartens. A few weeks ago, the first five objects already passed a preliminary inspection and currently, the specialists continue their work using the necessary equipment.

“In one of the kindergartens, we were surprised with the conditions created here for children: a swimming pool, ventilation in each hall. We also visited a lyceum, which is located in the old tsarist times building with old communications and other features. However, it is an architectural monument, so we must work there carefully. As you can see, each case has its nuances and needs different approaches. That’s why the inspection is being conducted,” the head of the Fund emphasized.

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