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Inspection of kindergartens in Irpin and Makariv was performed with laser scanner FARO


Specialists who cooperate with Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund performed a technical inspection of two kindergartens within the social infrastructure reconstruction project.

Renewal and reconstruction of kindergarten Radist in Irpin and kindergarten Barvinok in Makariv are going due to memorandums signed with local authorities.

The inspection was performed with modern equipment including a US laser scanner FARO with the following 3D shooting.

– One of the blocks of kindergarten in Makariv was completely destroyed. There is a deep crater in its place. The other block was affected by a shock wave. However, the building withstood and needs restoration after this impact, – Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund’s Chair Iryna Leshchinska told. – All communications (heating, water, sewerage, electricity, ventilation) must be restored. Everything has to be cleaned up to the concrete from the signs of fire, construction must be strengthened and slabs must be changed.

Kindergarten in Irpin was impacted by the enemy’s strike as well. The second floor was destroyed by the fire. Some constructions and all communications must be changed.

– Next step is the development of project documentation with the following building and assembly works, – Iryna Leshchinska specified.

Reconstruction of kindergartens is performed by the Fund according to the requirements of “green” energy with the usage of modern energy-efficient technologies.

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