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Head of URF: “Fight against corruption becomes the main factor of successful cooperation between Ukraine and the West”


The quality, quantity, and speed of assistance from international partners in the reconstruction of Ukraine will depend on the determination of the authorities to fight corruption, according to Pavlo Kostyuk, head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund.

He noted that the other day, the G7 ambassadors sent a clear-cut message to the Ukrainian government that transparency and accountability are crucial in involving the private sector in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

– I think that the authorities have time before the Berlin Conference-2024 to show progress in such issues as the restoration of public declaration of wealth, financial reporting of parties, strengthening the work of anti-corruption institutions, judicial reform, – says Pavlo Kostyuk.

According to him, in the West, not only politicians but also businessmen carefully monitor the development of events in Ukraine.

– When the economy of Ukraine receives billions of dollars of external infusions, corruption scandals cease to be a purely internal problem. It depends on whether foreign donors will want to work with the Ukrainian government, communities, foundations, etc., – adds the head of the Fund.

According to Pavlo Kostyuk, currently, the Ukrainian authorities must show that they are capable of not only detecting but also reacting to corruption crimes and preventing them.

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