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Head of the URF Pavlo Kostyuk is on a working trip to Europe


The Head of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk, is on a working trip to Europe, where he will visit several countries and hold a number of meetings.

– These days, events are taking place in the EU countries to discuss topics important for the further work of the Fund. In particular, the Stern Stewart Institute Summit in Germany. In addition, meetings are planned with representatives of parliaments and European business on the specifics of the transfer of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, – said the head of the URF.

During the meetings, Mr. Kostyuk added, he will emphasize what he has repeatedly emphasized: It is extremely important for Ukraine to implement reforms even under martial law.

– Even the Marshall Plan 2.0 or similar programs will not help to overcome corruption, reform the law enforcement system and courts, and significantly strengthen local self-government, – explained the head of the Fund.

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