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Fund conducts energy audit of social objects in Cherkasy, Kremenchuk, Hlobyne, Makariv, and Irpin


Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund continues working in cities with which a partnership memorandum was signed in May-June. In particular, results of the energy audit of ten social objects in Cherkasy, Kremenchuk, Hlobyne, Makariv, and Irpin are already received.

At these locations, Fund is going to hold different types of works: reconstruction into temporary shelters for internally displaced people (Cherkasy, Kremenchuk), recovery after shelling (Irpin, Makariv), and installation of alternative heating systems (Kremenchuk, Hlobyne).

– Auditors’ reports contain data needed by specialists when preparing projects, – the head of the URF Iryna Leshchynska explained.

Thus, energy audit specialists collected and summarized information on energy consumption by buildings, performed a thermal imaging survey, determined the energy efficiency class of buildings, and the level of the energy accounting system.

They built energy balances for the use of thermal and electrical energy, compiled an energy profile of objects, and proposed energy-efficient measures to reduce the consumption of energy carriers.

– As a heating source, heating pumps are recommended for installation in all objects. As for other measures, they are proposed and will be prescribed in the projects depending on the condition of the building, Iryna Leshchynska said.

According to her, such measures include insulation of walls, basements, attics, replacement of windows and doors, complex modernization of heating systems and heating points with the installation of a weather-dependent heat flow regulation system, installation of a mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation system with heat recovery, replacement of inefficient light sources, systems of internal and external lighting, and implementation of the energy management system.

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