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«From War to Peace»: Charity Evening in Manhattan

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Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund will hold a charity evening in New York as part of the «Ukraine: From War to Peace» art campaign, at which it will present an exhibition of works by contemporary Ukrainian artists.

Connoisseurs of real art will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of creative works created during the war against the russian aggressors and admire the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom and independence. A people with a thousand-year history, unique culture, age-old customs, and traditions.

You can familiarize yourself with the catalog of artistic paintings and sculptures by following this link.

Details of the promotion in our video:



The main goal of the art campaign is to draw the attention of the world public to Ukraine’s war-related problems. Therefore, influential figures of Congress and local authorities, representatives of diplomatic, business, and media circles of the USA are invited to the event.

Guests will have the opportunity to receive the works of art they like for a charitable donation. The collected funds will go to fund’s humanitarian programs, namely the work of centers for social and psychological rehabilitation of the most vulnerable categories of people; equipping children’s medical facilities in the de-occupied territories with modern equipment; restoration of destroyed social objects while ensuring international standards of inclusiveness, environmental friendliness, and safety.

The use of funds will be completely open: reports on the Fund’s activities will be published on the Fund’s Internet resources and social networks.

Also, the management of the Fund is always happy to meet with benefactors in Ukraine and to familiarize them with the progress of work on all programs and projects.

The potential investment budget of the Fund’s projects exceeds $100 million.

The charitable art event «Ukraine: From War to Peace» will take place on December 14, 2022, at Manhattan Motorcars (711, Eleventh Ave, New York, NY 10019). The event starts at 5:00 p.m.

For registration and further details – please contact:
tel. 646 979-9900
e-mail: info@ukrainereconstructionfund.org

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