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For Ukraine restoration, we need not only state funds from partner countries, but also private investments, – Viktor Leshchynskyi


State authorities should speed up the process of improving the legislation and bringing the components of the regulatory policy to European standards, taking into account the peculiarities of Ukraine’s post-war recovery. This opinion was expressed by the counselor of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, the chair of the National Expert Construction Alliance of Ukraine Viktor Leshchynskyi.

He emphasized that in October German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in a joint statement estimated Ukraine’s current losses from the war at no less than 350 billion euros. Noting that, against the background of such figures, neither Ukraine nor its individual partners are capable of coping with the recovery on their own.

– At the International Expert Conference on the Restoration, Reconstruction, and Modernization of Ukraine, they invited world leaders to work together on the creation of the “Marshall Plan of the 21st century”. This is a good sign for us. The West is beginning to understand that it is better to invest a certain amount now and get a strong partner in the person of Ukraine than to have a permanent problematic territory in the middle of Europe, – Viktor Leshchynskyi believes.

The counselor of the Fund added that in the current situation, private donors will not be able to stay away either:

– This is what all leading experts say. Both now and in the long term, not only public funds are important for strengthening the Ukrainian economy, but also private investments. Investors need guarantees. Therefore, on our part, it is necessary to strengthen the work on improving the legislation and bringing the components of the regulatory policy to European standards.

Viktor Leshchynsky reminded that in September, for the first time in many years, the State Building Regulations were comprehensively updated in Ukraine. This affected the efficiency of construction industry entities. Other sectors of the economy are waiting for similar positive decisions.

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