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By supporting security, economy, and democracy in Ukraine, the USA is counting on a strong partner in Europe, – Pavlo Kostyuk


The USA expects to get a strong partner in Europe by supporting Ukraine. Pavlo Kostyuk, chair of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund, noted this while commenting on the speech of the United States Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink at the “Dialogues on the Restoration of Ukraine” forum.

At the event held in Kyiv, Bridget Brink, in particular, emphasized that the USA is currently the largest donor to Ukraine and perceives the aid provided as an investment in Ukraine’s and the USA’s future. She recalled the words of Secretary of State Antony Blinken about the US vision for the recovery of Ukraine, which is that Ukraine not only survives but also prospers.

– We fully agree that it is necessary to start now, and the London conference, which will be held in a few weeks, is a great place to start, – noted the ambassador.


According to her, there are three aspects of recovery that the United States is relying on. These are security, economy, and democracy. 37 billion hryvnias have already been provided to Ukraine for security. In addition, the United States provided Ukraine with $23 billion in direct budget support.

The key to recovery for Ukraine, Bridget Brink added, is also the private sector (private investments, URF). To attract the private sector, in her opinion, it is necessary to support the transformations envisioned by Ukrainians during two revolutions: the dream of Ukraine, which is a full-fledged part of Europe and a member of NATO. This is the third of the aspects in question.

– Ms. Brink confirmed the accuracy of the messages that the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund has been formulating over the last year, – believes Pavlo Kostyuk. – The restoration of Ukraine must take place at the current moment. This is already clearly understood in the West. But, for their part, they expect certain actions in response.

He once again reminded that business is ready to invest money in Ukraine, but expects the eradication of corruption, an efficient judicial system, and a strong civil society.

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