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An urgent question that cannot be put off for later: why does the URF help Ukrainian schools

 3,198 educational institutions in Ukraine suffered from bombings and shelling, and 286 were completely destroyed. Education in schools was interrupted for 5.7 million children

The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund launched a fundraising campaign in the US to raise funds to support the children of Ukraine. The Fund’s focus is on helping educational institutions in war-torn territories.

Why is this important?

Children are the most vulnerable category of civilians during hostilities. Deportation, kidnapping, injury, loss of loved ones, and native home — they experience all this together with adults while receiving much deeper emotional trauma.

School No. 21, Chernihiv

In addition, the war limits or completely deprives a significant part of Ukrainian children of access to education. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Education and Science, 3,198 educational institutions in Ukraine were damaged by bombings and shelling. 286 were completely destroyed.

UNICEF estimated that 5.7 million children had their education interrupted due to Russian aggression. In particular, approximately 3.6 million were directly affected by the school closures.

School No. 2, Bakhmut

— A tenth of the entire educational infrastructure of Ukraine has been destroyed. The amount of damage is approaching 10 billion dollars. It seems that no country in the world has faced such a challenge since the Second World War, – explains the chair of the Fund Pavlo Kostyuk. — The problem is complicated by the fact that obtaining secondary education is an issue that cannot be postponed for later. That is why URF helps schools in Ukraine in all available ways.


School No. 134, Kharkiv

We would like to remind you that, in addition to fundraising, the URF also conducts direct negotiations with businesses to find investments in ready-made projects for the reconstruction of social infrastructure. The lion’s share of these projects concerns educational institutions.

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