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All faces of artists’ event “Ukraine: from war to peace”. Sculptor – Serhii Herasymenko


Recently, Ukraine Reconstruction Fund announced the support of the artists’ event “Ukraine: from war to peace” during which artists and sculptor will exhibit their patriotic works abroad.

We decided to introduce you to all participants while they are preparing for the first exhibition dedicated to Ukraine Independence Day.

Accordingly, Serhii Herasymenko joined the beforementioned team recently.

Serhii Kostiantynovych Herasymenko – modern Ukrainian sculptor, artist and ceramist. One of the most famous modern exponents of naive art in Ukraine. Founder of a new genre – Happy Art. He works and lives in Kyiv.

“Molder of happiness” – that’s the name of the article about Herasymenko in educational media “SHO”. You can read the interview with the artist via the link

Here you can watch the video from the sculptor’s creative workshop to get an insight into his works.

In the following photo, you can see how Serhii Herasymenko and Ukraine Reconstruction Fund’s counselor Viktor Leshchynskyi are holding sculptures that will be exhibited abroad during the event. You can easily recognise dog Patron and plane Mriya in them. These are symbols of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

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