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All faces of art event «Ukraine: from war to peace». Sergiy Gerasymenko, sculptor


Allow us to introduce another member of the «Ukraine: from war to peace» project team. Sergiy Gerasymenko (1976) Ukrainian sculptor, artist, and ceramist.

At the age of 7, he entered a children’s art school, where he studied drawing and sculpting; at the age of 15, he entered the art school named after A. Erdel in Uzhgorod, faculty of ceramics. It was there that he discovered his love for ceramics for the first time.

After graduating from school in 1993, he entered the Kyiv Art Academy at the painting faculty. He painted a lot and worked with clay, by this time there were the first creative successes and the gradual formation of the style, which later received the name «HAPPY ART».

Since 1993, he has worked a lot and participated in various exhibitions, mostly group ones. Exhibitions: solo exhibition at the X-Electric Art gallery (Chicago, USA, 1996); solo exhibition at the opening of «Alta Center» (Kyiv, 2004); The International exhibition «Art-Kyiv 2007» in the Ukrainian House (Kyiv, 2007); National exhibition «The World of Clay Miracle» within the framework of the project «Ceramics of Ukraine. Millennial traditions» (Kyiv, 2008); National exhibition of decorative and applied arts «God’s World as Easter» (Lutsk, 2010); National exhibition «Magic colors of the Dnipro» (Dnipro, 2011); II International ceramics symposium «Aspara 2012» (Yalta); National plein-air exhibition of ceramists «Bukovyna 2013» (Chernivtsi region); ceramics exhibition «Clay remembers» (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2013); solo exhibition at the gallery «Coco Art» (Krakow, Poland, 2014); the exhibition «Modern ceramics and graphics in the interior» (BC «Leonardo», Kyiv, 2015); solo exhibition «Happy Art» («Museum of History of Kyiv», Kyiv, 2015).


His works which can be seen at the charity event on December 14 in New York:

«Patron the Dog» 2022, ceramics, clay, сeramic glaze, width 15 cm, height 21 cm, length 31 cm

«Our Dream» 2022, ceramics, clay, сeramic glaze, width 35 cm, height 23 cm, length 25 cm

«Our Dream 2» 2022, ceramics, clay, сeramic glaze, width 39 cm, height 19 cm, length 26 cm

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