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All faces of art event «Ukraine: from war to peace». Natalia Bilyk, painter


The next participant of the campaign «Ukraine: from war to peace» is Natalia Bilyk (1974). She belongs to the younger generation of Carpathian artists.

As early as six months old, Natalia became interested in drawing and studied at a fine art studio and an art school. In 1999, the future artist graduated from the Faculty of Art and Graphics of the Precarpathian University and has since devoted her life to creativity and art.

Her work includes approximately 900 paintings. About three years of work – and 70 paintings by the Ivano-Frankivsk artist appeared in the sixth solo exhibition «Ptychky and chichky». According to Natalia, you don’t have to go far for inspiration. It is enough just to open the tube with paint, and then everything will come out by itself. Each work entails the next. This is how the series comes out.

The painting technique remains the same – oil painting. But she does not like to invent names for them: «I hardly ever name my work. Because they are mainly birds. There are pairs – «happy birds», «fed birds»… Many of these birds have moved around Ukraine. Many people like my chickens, I continue to draw them.»

Her works which can be seen at the charity event on December 14 in New York:

«Sunflower is the sun of victory» 2022, сanvas, oil, 100х100 cm.

«Geese are honking vague, Putin waits for HAGUE» 2022, сanvas, oil, 100х100 cm.

«Our nightingale’s song is immortal» 2022, сanvas, oil, 100х100 cm.

«Ukrainian Madonna» 2022, сanvas, oil, 100х100 cm.

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