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All faces of art event «Ukraine: from war to peace». Natalia Bagatskaya, painter


Another talented participant of art event «Ukraine: from war to peace» іs Natalia Bagatskaya (1967). She specializes in acrylic painting. Styles she works in: hyperrealism, photorealism, contemporary realism.

Graduated from the University of Technology and Design with a degree in fashion design. In 2017, joined the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

The artist uses complex, time-consuming techniques. The main subjects in her works are still life paintings, environment, people, and lifestyle. In each of her artworks in the style of hyperrealism, she reinterprets the world and depicts all familiar plots more realistically than they really are. Using the contemporary realism style, she reflects the happy moments of life. Combines a realistic image of a female figure with a generalized background.

She paints the face of the Mona Lisa because it is a canonical female image with the emotion of happiness. She participated in more than thirty group and three solo exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. The artist’s works are presented in various printed publications, including «Kyiv in Art», the Italian magazine «Hyperrealism», «Artbox Project Bazel. Miami», and Artbox Project Barcelona 2.0, Switzerland. Moreover, her paintings were selected for international and Ukrainian special projects, including «365 Days After», «Women in Art», «Hryvnia Art» and others.

The artist’s works are included in the collection of the Museum of Prominent Figures of Ukrainian Culture in Kyiv and the Korsaks Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art in Lutsk. All the artist’s achievements in painting are the result of self-development and self-improvement.

Her works which can be seen at the charity event on December 14 in New York:

«Madonna of Modern Times» 2022, сanvas, acrylic, gold leaves, 100×70 cm

«Somewhere in Ukraine…» 2022, сanvas, acrylic, 70×55 cm

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