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All faces of art event «Ukraine: from war to peace». Emily Miller , mosaic artist


The next participant of the campaign «Ukraine: from war to peace» is Emily Miller (1979). Ukrainian mosaic artist.

In 2008, she studied icon painting at the Intercession Cathedral in Sevastopol, Ukraine. In 2009, she began mastering mosaic art. Using materials such as marble, smalt, Venetian glass, and wood, Emily creates her own designer furniture projects. In 2014-2015 trained in mosaic in Italy, at Gruppo mosaicists Ravenna, one of the oldest and most important mosaic workshops. Studied ancient Roman, Byzantine, and modern mosaics.

In addition, she took the author’s course in sculpture and icons in mosaics by Professor Marco Santi. As part of the training, she participated in excavation projects in the city of Aquileia. Attended workshops on mosaic restoration in Rome. 2015-2016 taught mosaic at the Sunday school at the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Sevastopol.

The artist’s works comprise private collections (Kyiv, Petersburg, Rome, Beijing, Las Vegas, etc.) In 2016 she participated in a collective exhibition at the Sevastopol Museum named after M.Kroshitsky. In 2017, she worked on creating mosaics for the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Sevastopol In 2019, she held a personal exhibition «Dreamy skies» in the National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv”, Kyiv. In 2020, she participated in a collective exhibition at the Globus Gallery in Kyiv. In 2021, she took part in the exhibition «Ukrainian embroidery of the 18th-20th centuries» of ancient Ukrainian towels in the Zaborovsky Gate, the National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv”, Kyiv.

Throughout her creative history, Emily has been experimenting not only with methods but also with materials for mosaics. Her works can be seen both in the technique of paper application – an ecological trend of modern times, and traditional, Byzantine but with the use of semi-precious stones and even Ukrainian amber. For example, the artist’s project «Paper Gods» – based on which she uses non-traditional materials, and women’s magazines cut into tesserae with «style icons».

For the last two years, she has been creating Orthodox icons using the mosaic technique, as well as completing orders for private collections. In 2022 she has been carrying out personal projects in Italy, preparing for exhibitions: Orthodox icons and a solo creative exhibition dedicated to Ukrainian art. Now the artist is undergoing advanced training in a private mosaic laboratory in Ravenna.

Her work which can be seen at the charity event on December 14 in New York:

«Tree of Life with a Golden Heart», 2018 (based on a 19th century Ukrainian family tree embroidery sketch), mosaic, Venetian glass, 24k Orsoni gold leaf, 68×80 cm

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